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          Attribution For Marketing Operations

          Bizible provides an alternative to using hidden form fields and attempting to use marketing automation to manage reporting. No matter what insights you need Bizible supports any reporting setup including account-based, full-funnel, and revenue reporting.

          Streamlined Reporting And Tracking Setup

          Bizible provides marketing operations leaders complete flexibility in reporting and tracking setup, avoiding complicated implementation for multi-touch attribution and first-touch tracking. Deep integrations with ad networks means reporting and campaign setup is a breeze.

          Learn The Core Competencies Of The Marketing Operations Leader

          Support The Entire Marketing Organization

          Get a centralized view of all marketing engagements spanning across channels, campaigns, and keywords. Help marketing teams understanding deal velocity, win rates, and marketing’s contribution to revenue. Bizible's time to business value is minimal. 

          Learn The Components of a Smart B2B Attribution Solution


          "The all-in-one tool to capture and model marketing interactions in a way that makes sense."

          Justin_Norris-_Perkuto (1)-1.png

          Justin Norris

          Marketing Solutions Architect, Perkuto


          Marketing Performance Management  The B2B marketer's guide to performance management and reporting.    Download Now
          Core Competencies of the Marketing Operations Leader  The frameworks every marketing operations leader needs. Download your guide  today.    Download Now
          Get The Marketing Operations Scorecard Today  Evaluate your company's B2B marketing operations. How do you stack up?    Download Now